Using GitHub Issues for Static Blog Comments

I was looking for a way to host my comments on GitHub Issues when I stumbled upon Paul Knopf’s blog post where he was able to generate his blog post’s comments server side. Since I didn’t want to use client-side scripting to render and post comments or rely on a GitHub App like Utterances, I decided to adapt his approach to my Jekyll based blog.

Common Ways to Customize Sphinx Themes

Sphinx themes can provide a great out-of-the-box experience, but sometimes there is a need to extend its functionality in ways that are reusable across projects and more likely to survive upgrades. This article covers a variety of ways to achieve this using the following methods:

Continuous deployment of a Sphinx website using Jenkins and Docker

If you have ever set up a sphinx project you have probably reached the point where you want to start automating the build and deploy part of the creation process. This can be done several ways, but I chose git hooks going into a Jenkins pipeline using Docker agents. I am also doing this as a single branch deploy using the master branch, how you get your source onto master is up to you.

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