The weather and the avalanche forecast weren’t stellar, but they were good enough to give Corner Pocket a chance. We set a few decision points along the way with the worst case goal of getting to explore new territory in the Baker backcountry.

Mount Shuksan from Artist Point Looking back at Mount Shuksan from Artist Point.

Finding the best place to cut through the trees from Artist Point to the South side of Table can be tricky, try to aim high, but not too high. We decided to drop in just on other side of the trees to get a few turns, but if you stay high it is possible to ski traverse most of the way across.

Traversing the South side of Table Mountain Traversing the South side of Table Mountain with Video Peak on the left and Mount Baker in the background.

The wind was coming in pretty strong out of the West, with the sun coming in and out throughout the day. Koma Kulshan was showing off with wispy strands of cirrus clouds waving off of its summit. As we got closer to Ptarmigan Pass we were eyeing potential lines on Video Peak and making plans to return for it.

Corner Pocket The view of Corner Pocket from the approach.

Corner Pocket was fantastic, we slowly and cautiously worked our way down, continually looking for signs on wind loading.

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